We Are...

Building tangible goods ventures.




We are focused on validating, building and scaling our own tangible goods ventures. Companies and products that require real old-school manufacturing are our core focus.

We love the outdoors & the surroundings light a fire inside us to do inspired work... from the sea to the forest and everything in between.
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This is What We Do


At Zero Confines, we’ve built everything from festivals to cat bed and breakfast companies. Taking learnings from all these experiences we are dedicating ourselves to work on our own ventures that require real manufacturing. From wire-forming and metal fabrication to upholstery and molded plastics, if it has to be made, stocked, shipped and can be done in a lean way, that’s our focus.



Ideation // Validation

Data is the foundation for validating ideas. We dream big and small then research, analyze, evaluate, summarize and filter data into actionable items to execute against.

demand generation // Customer Acquisition

In today's world there are numerous levers that can be pulled to generate demand. Generally speaking these involve SEO, channel partnerships, and a unique value proposition. We develop AND implement the tactics needed to go get customers that pay for products.

growth & infrastructure

Our passion for business grew from a foundation of marketing - all of the "P's" so to speak. Our marketing roots run deep and we approach every new venture as such. We also understand that growing a hard goods // tangible goods company requires scaleable infrastructure from sourcing, to operations and customer service, and everything in between. Good systems early on help build profitable companies.

investment for growth

We live in a tech oriented world. Great companies that ship tangible goods have different financing requirements than tech companies. CapEx is a big deal. Operating cashflow is crucial.